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Israeli settlers in #WestBank is at 500k and still growing .. at this rate, it would have no choice but to offer citizenship to its Palestinian residents or face accusations of #Apartheid. #CfoPalestine

The role of the internโ€™l community is not just to bear witness to illegalities but to sanction them! There are no exceptions, house evictions & demolitions are against international law, period. Itโ€™s criminal in intent and execution since the ethnic cleansing of 1948 and ongoing.


1/2 British Consul General @Diane_Corner joined other diplomats to bear witness to the ongoing #eviction of the Salhia family, who live & run a business opposite the British Consulate in East Jerusalem. 3

The U.S. says it wants "clarification" after Israeli soldiers arrested an 80yo Palestinian-American, who then died of a heart attack.

Soldiers detained and blindfolded Omar Asaad as he was driving hime. He was found in an abandoned building, a zip-tie reportedly on his wrist.

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Our Mission

Conservative Friends of Palestine seek to promote conservative values and provide new thinking on the Israeli-Palestine conflict that acknowledges the reality on the ground and advances long term solutions based on principles of equality and justice.

Besides providing a space for conservatives to come together and challenge the current one-state reality of the occupation that is so damaging, we aim to promote Palestinian voices that so often get left out of the conversation.